Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Chicory Root is the understudy for Decaf Coffee?

No more! This is role reversal right here! :) This is happening!!
I recently made a purchase from and amongst the fun and exciting bags I received was one bag of chicory!
...and if you look over in the upper right hand corner
you'll see it's brewing...
Yep, right here!


I've heard that there is a lot of processing that goes into making decaf coffee and I wanted to see if I could bypass that altogether. Enter Chicory! Maria of MariaMindBodyHealth shares a bunch of ways chicory root is good for you. But would it taste good? You know, I must try this first hand for myself! :)
And so... I did!
The smell of this lovely stuff reminds me of caramel! It has a sweetness all its own, I was on autopilot adding the same amount of truvia as I do to my usual coffee, but in this instance I really didn't need so much. I also managed to make it strong though I followed the instructions...
just strong for our taste I suppose ;).

If you'd like to have a more flavorful decaffeinated experience then I definitely recommend chicory root! And get your whole family to try it? Why not? With the health benefits this root is laden with, it's definitely worth passing on!  
At any rate, I was very excited to share this with you, as if you were here and ooed and ahhed at the fun packaging and the fun items I got with me. Oh! Here's an exhaustive list of what is pictured above:
1 - 5lb bag of almond flour <---I am super pumped about this! I use it for all the things! XD
2 - 1lb bags of peanut flour
1 - 1lb bag of Ceylon Cinnamon sticks <--- more on this later... coming to a blog post near you.
1 - 1lb bag of Chicory (yay! :D)
...and wouldn't you know it?! The folks were kind enough to send a complimentary bag of chia seeds with the whole lot! :) That made me smile! :)
Okay okay, now to wind down and try to get some sleep. I hope you are enjoying your January so far! Thank you for stopping by and reading about my foodie adventures as they unfold! More recipes to come too! ;)
Best, Dawn

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