Saturday, August 2, 2014

Sauteed Onions - Spicy Chicken Breast Side Dish

This is a spin off from the Spicy Chicken Breast recipe ... because I made the chicken breasts AGAIN for my family tonight! :D As I was cooking the first batch of chicken breasts I recalled the sad looking onion in the pantry and decided I would make it our side dish. I'm glad I did! Look at these caramelized beauties!

All I did was cook up the chicken per the recipe I shared here, once I pulled the chicken out of the pan, I then cut up a medium/large onion and tossed it in. I covered the pan and stirred occasionally until the onions were slightly translucent. Voila! Super easy side dish for the spicy chicken... and now I'm thinkin cottage cheese would complete this meal... Huzzah! Aren't culinary arts exciting?! :D

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