Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Low Carb Sausage Pinwheels - These Will Rock Your Socks

This is it my friends! The search for an amazing low carb dough recipe is OVER! Elizabeth Nimphius the creator/writer/chef/mastermind ;) of Uplateanyway.com  foodie blog has hit a gold mine coming up with this recipe (and a BUNCH of others as well I'm sure - check out her blog here!!)!!

I found her through a recipe post on pinterest for some Low Carb blueberry muffins O.O (shocking! amiright?! But they hold so much promise!;)) I'm very excited to make them for my family because the texture Elizabeth was able to bring to life in these sausage rolls without the usual use of white flour is amazing. And I stress... Ah-maze-zing! Mkay!? Since I didn't have the ingredients on hand for the blueberry goodness, I went with the next best thing for breakfast ;). Rest assured I will be making the blueberry muffins and sharing about here. :D

Something worth noting is that Elizabeth tends to use the most economical way to make things. 
For example, she will use cheese over almond flour when she can. 
I have a few foodie friends who will appreciate this because almond flour is pricey!


When I made Elizabeth's Sausage Roll Recipe I managed to miss some important points of the recipe, namely the part about kneading and heating the dough a bit. That's right I *completely* neglected to do that part - but guess what?!?! It was still delicious and the crust was flaky and chewy and delicious! Oh, I already said that, you get the point right? :) This leads me to believe, that had I slowed down and read the recipe and followed it completely, I would have been in for quite a treat!! Of course I will soon find out as I am destined to make this again!!!!! And again!! ^-^

Get the full amazing recipe HERE. P.S. Did I mention these are gluten free as well? Yes.... yes they ARE.

Here are the delicious bites!

Pin it for later HERE.

You'll notice I used aluminium foil to line my pan - DO NOT do this! 
I did not have parchment paper :( so I did what I could with what I had. 
The rolls did not come off the foil without a fight, don't let this happen to you ;). 

Sometimes I call them sausage pinwheels, I've seen them called many different things on pinterest... 
call them whatever you want, but at least make them for your family already and make sure to let Elizabeth from Uplateanyway.com know how good they are so she will make more amazing things! ;).

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